Pedro Choy Clinics adopt digital signage software from Amplitude Net

Present in Portugal for more than 25 years, the Pedro Choy Clinics are the highest reference of Medicine Chinese in PortugalThey are another network of clinics that started to use the %Corporate TV software and Digital Signage% from Amplitude Net.

Chinese Medicine, which in addition to Acupuncture also includes Phytotherapy, Qi Gong, Tui Na and Dietetics, is currently practised all over the world and has been documented for over 5 thousand years. It is a medicine that is characterised by evaluating each individual as a whole, and which seeks to definitively eradicate the problems of each patient through treatment and action at the source of their dysfunction. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can therefore, by themselves, be the resolution of various health problems or contribute to a significant improvement in various pathologies.

All Pedro Choy Acupuncturists have a five-year degree in Chinese Medicine. In addition to being graduated from the University of Chinese Medicine, a large majority also have a diploma from Chengdu University, China.

Through the World VDS, digital signage software adopted, the 20 clinics currently existing in Portugal, have started their own TV broadcast, where they present the most varied subjects in communication for patients, such as

  • Institutional Information
  • Clinical Cases Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Treatments and Pathologies
  • Partnerships in force

Through this personalised broadcast, clinics are able to communicate relevant information to their patients while decreasing the sense of waiting time.