Offer a better experience for your customers and employees

Going to the bank can easily become quite an exhausting experience for customers.

The use of a Digital Signage software allows you to keep your customers entertained by giving them a sense of reduced waiting time. In addition, Banks have prime space to be able to provide useful information (such as weather forecast, up-to-date news and entertainment content), or to introduce new campaigns and services in order to influence their behaviors.

Digital Signage can also enable you to improve engagement with employees through the use of a differentiated communication capable of increasing their motivation (which in the limit may occur during off-hours, on customer-oriented screens).

Digital screens not only provide a variety of content that makes everyone's experience more enjoyable, they also provide a reduction of printing and logging costs. Poster characteristics at the same time that provide the possibility of immediate changes to the information of the same.

The screens located in the agencies may also display only information intended for the area in which they are installed and are managed through a simple and intuitive update system.

Digital Signage at Bank Branches

Some of the reasons our customers use our WorldVDS Digital Signage software

  • Decrease in the feeling of waiting felt by the customer

  • Introduction of dynamic content that unlike static images attract and engage the customer

  • Economy in decreased use of posters and promotional leaflets

  • Instant presentation of news and promotion campaigns promotional and loyalty programs

  • Displaying informative content such as real-time financial data which benefit officials at the same time

  • Possibility of link to the queuing system existing

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