Avoiding the 7 Common Digital Signage Blunders in Corporate Messaging

Digital signage, a remarkable addition to in-store marketing, is gaining immense traction across diverse sectors, spanning hospitality, retail, education, and the corporate realm. In fact, research anticipates that this dynamic market will burgeon to a staggering $27.8 billion by 2026. This robust growth is underpinned by several compelling factors:

  • Technological Advancements: Notably, digital displays are evolving at a rapid pace.

  • Widespread Adoption: Industries and sectors across the board are embracing digital signage solutions.

  • Infrastructure Advancements: Increasing developments in infrastructure are facilitating seamless integration.

  • Resolution Demands: There's a growing thirst for 4K and 8K resolution displays, fueling the market's expansion.

However, within this exciting landscape, pitfalls are rife, often concealed within the fabric of digital signage content creation. What appears crystal clear to you might confound your audience. That visually stunning ad may fall flat, leaving you bewildered about the mismatch between your efforts and outcomes.

As you embark on your corporate digital signage journey, remember to temper enthusiasm with prudence. Rushing headlong into the allure of this technology can lead you astray. Here are seven common digital signage missteps to circumvent for optimal corporate results:


1. The Perils of Screen Size

  • The Tiny Screen: Opting for a diminutive screen can render your content nearly illegible.

  • The Oversized Screen: Conversely, an excessively large screen may overwhelm viewers, making it challenging to absorb information.

To strike the right balance, consider both viewing distance and information density. The former pertains to the gap between your audience and the screen, while the latter relates to the volume of information displayed at once.


2. Content Quality Quandaries

  • Resolution Regrets: Displaying low-resolution videos and images can severely undermine your digital signage's impact.

  • Perception Predicaments: Messages that lack clarity and coherence can fail to resonate effectively.

To remedy content quality, solicit feedback from your target audience, including employees, donors, and visitors. Alternatively, put yourself in their shoes for a fresh perspective.


3. Lengthy Content Dilemma

  • Ideal Length Inquiry: Determine the perfect content duration, including video size, animations, images, and infographics.

Gauge how much time your viewers are likely to devote to your screen. Tailor your content accordingly; for passersby, aim for swift comprehension in under 5 seconds, while in a lunchroom, a more extended message might be appropriate.


4. Guiding Your Audience

  • CTA Absence: Failure to include a clear Call to Action (CTA) can leave viewers without guidance.

Personalize your CTA, using imperatives like "you" to enhance engagement. Incorporating scannable QR codes with instructive CTAs can seamlessly transfer information to viewers' touch screens.


5. Neglecting Content Updates

  • Static Content Stagnation: Failing to refresh content can lead to uninspiring displays.

Train your staff to use digital signage management software for real-time updates, scheduling fresh content to align with your business strategy.


6. The Power of Automation

  • Underutilizing Automation: Lack of automation can lead to time inefficiencies in content updates.

Embrace automation for engaging content updates, including weather forecasts, social media feeds, traffic information, news, and internal dashboards.


7. The Pitfall of Content Overload

  • Visual Clutter: Overloading screens with excessive graphics and text creates visual chaos.

Prioritize clarity, brevity, and concise wording. Consider larger displays or multiple screens for complex information, adhering to a "less is more" mantra.

Incorporating digital signage into your corporate strategy is pivotal, but avoiding these content creation pitfalls is equally crucial. Seek expert guidance if needed, and steer your digital signage project towards the realm of success, where captivating messaging reigns supreme.