New EasyDay proximity grocery stores adopt World VDS software

EasyDay grocery stores have adopted the World VDS software to manage the digital signage content playing on their screens, as well as the audio in their shops.

This new innovative concept of "neighbourhood grocery store", has in its genesis proximity as a differentiated characteristic, allowing those who live in cities, not having to go to the supermarket to get essential products. Through this more comfortable option, the objective is that local residents avoid having to pick up their vehicle and be faced with what are sometimes long traffic jams, while at the same time acquiring superior quality products.

Among the differentiating features of EasyDay grocery stores is also their extended hours of 7.30am to 10pm during weekdays and 8am to 10am on weekends.

The first shops opened in the city of Porto, through the Generation Company group, a company dedicated to the import and export of food products on a large scale, with the objective of expanding the brand nationally to various other district capital cities, with shops between 100 and 200 square metres in size.

About the World VDS Digital Signage project

For the digitalisation of the EasyDay shops, the company used the World VDS software of Amplitude Net to manage the contents of the following 3 sites:

  • Interior Screens: placed next to the counter where their main offers are displayed, highlighting new products and promotions
  • Screens of Digital Showcase : outward-facing, essentially presenting institutional videos
  • Audio of the Places: playlists that are playing in the different grocery stores

While the management of the contents of the screens is aimed at solving the digital signage of the venues, the management of the audio through the Instore Music of the World VDS software makes it possible to resolve issues such as:

  • Absence of concern about licensing of the music playing in the venues, by receiving a certificate with the right to use several hundred thousand songs
  • Possibility of programming informative spots allied to the rhythm and style of music, imposing the dynamics and flow of customers in the shops in order to promote the incentive to buy
  • No added costs, since the same license that manages the contents of 1 screen is capable of managing all the audio in the shop at the same time

More about EasyDay Grocery Stores

A variety of grocery products can be found at EasyDay shops, such as:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Frozen products
  • Fresh pastries and bakery every day
  • Perfumery and drugstore articles

In addition to everyday essentials, there is also a take-away section with ready meals such as hot and cold dishes, juices and salads, available at both lunch and dinner times.

In total there are more than 2,500 references available that can be found in each shop, with the offer of some brands that consumers cannot find elsewhere. This differentiation is due to the fact that the Generation Company group´s food import and export business.

Through the adopted solutions of Digital Signage and Audio in shops, it is expected that the differentiating facet of these new grocery stores will gain even more strength, through a better involvement and better experience of their customers in each location.

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