Amplitude Net and JP S Couto create World VDS - Corporate TV - Do it yourself!

O World VDS project is a low cost Corporate and InStore TV platform aimed in particular at Companies with reduced budgets at the audiovisual communication.

It therefore makes sense to create a platform of this kind more accessible simple but thoroughly professional. O World VDS is that platform.

O World VDS is the result of a partnership between JP Sá Couto/Amplitude Net and is being planned to be launched at a global scale.

It is a project highly innovative either by the technologies used, or by the management platform, of easy installation and operationbut above all, by its philosophy.

The big step forward is the fact that the World VDS have a gallery of high-quality content: photographs and videos from Corbis, one of the world's leading image banks, periodically updated by new Corbis content and members of the VDS Tribe, the community of designers and creatives working for WorldVDS. With this great content it becomes simpler to create a issuing of Corporate TV attractive and professional thus imposing World VDS as the massification platform of this niche market due not only to the price but also to the quality of the content available.

Through this new strategy, what is usually the largest portion in a Corporate TV or InStore TV, the production of content, is greatly reduced. World VDS goes even further, as the software is free and the costs of hardware are substantially reduced.

The concept of VDS Tribe is also highly innovative: implementing the concept of community and user generated content The World VDS is based on three main elements: a web 2.0 website, so fashionable in 'web 2.0', and a mutually beneficial relationship. World VDS is based on three main elements:

  • WorldVDS, i.e. the website where users register to start broadcasting and where they pay for their licences. Users will have a one month free trial period, after which a small monthly payment is required to maintain their emissions. Payments are made through PayPal, a secure money exchange program accepted worldwide. The subscription of licenses is the basis of WorldVDS's business model.
  • VDS Server: another web interface, where users create their broadcasts.
  • VDS Player This is the "heart" of the whole system, the software (Abobe Air) that will "emit" the emissions defined by the users, according to the structure defined in the VDS Server.