Tranquilidade bets on digital to gain proximity

Report published in SIC Notícias in the Exame Informática program, about Tranquilidade's digital transformation project.

Amplitude Net, together with its partners LG and Fordesi SA, materialized the global Digital Signage solution. The World VDS Software by Amplitude Net, started to manage the emissions of more than 500 high brightness advertising screens, installed in the window displays of Tranquilidade agents and also on the façades of its headquarters in Lisbon and Porto.

Marketeer magazine launched in its February 2021 edition (nº295, page 110-112), an article on Tranquilidade´s Digital Signage project.

This project is being implemented by Amplitude Net, together with Fordesi and LG, so more than 500 digital screens will be installed in Tranquilidade Agents´ stores.

The following article discloses how this ambitious and pioneering project in the insurance industry aims to strengthen Tranquilidade´s trust in its business partners.

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Tranquilidade will put into practice a project that it claims to be a pioneer in the insurance industry: installing over 500 digital screens in its agents´ stores. With this digital transformation, the goal is to strengthen the connection with business partners.

In the path of its transformation and reinforcement of its presence in the Portuguese market, Tranquilidade will, still in the first quarter of 2021, start a new project to install over 500 digital advertising screens in Tranquilidade agents´ stores.

For the insurer, this is an ambitious project, a pioneer in the insurance industry, which aims to strengthen Tranquilidade´s trust in its business partners. But also to support them in the digital innovation of their store towards an increasingly modern and sustainable concept and that allows materializing the ongoing digital transformation.

"We want our customers to have a truly superior and differentiating insurance experience, for which purpose it is necessary to innovate in the solutions provided online, but also in the physical spaces of our business partners, for an increasingly closer approach to the Phygital concept in the interaction between customers, agents and insurer", explains Rogério Dias, Tranquilidade´s Chief Distribution Officer.

Digital screens replace the traditional static advertising posters, allowing a constant and fast content update remotely, with a more impactful and attractive visual component, but also more sustainable, reducing the use of paper.

For the implementation of this project, Tranquilidade selected an LG professional range equipment, with 49-inch format and all the necessary features of durability, quality and energy efficiency. For the implementation, the company relies on the Fordesi/ Amplitude Net partner, a specialist in the integration of technological solutions at points of sale.

According to Tiago Almeida, CEO of Fordesi, this project was the perfect opportunity - because of the size, complexity and prestige of the client - to launch the new Fordesi business unit specialized in Digital Signage, Think Positive. "We acquired, for years, know-how that we now put at the service of Tranquilidade, to which we provided the best equipment (LG) and the best content management software solution, WorldVDS, from our strategic partner Amplitude Net. This was the first Portuguese company to enter this business area with a proprietary Digital Signage software", says the manager.

José da Silva, Key Account manager at LG Portugal, highlights the synergies developed under this project. "For LG, it is a great pride to ally with Fordesi and Amplitude Net partners to create a customized and differentiated digital communication solution for Tranquilidade, using our latest high brightness display models", he says.

With this initiative, Tranquilidade reinforces its mission to be a partner in the lives of its clients and agents. To this end, innovation and digital transformation are at the forefront, as this is the only way to offer greater proximity, speed, simplification of processes and more effective communication.

Faster and simpler

Digital transformation is a strategic pillar of Tranquilidade to offer better service. In this mission, it has improved online accident reporting.

Tranquilidade is now even faster and easier to report accidents at work online. The corporate client portal has a new participation area, which allows to report claims, manage participations and follow the evolution of the processes.

With an easy and intuitive navigation, this feature allows the user to make a claim in a few minutes. Furthermore, at any time, it is possible to consult the status of the claim, attach documents and ask questions.

Tranquilidade states that, along with quality clinical treatment and with a wide network of health providers, it also offers its clients efficiency and simplicity in work accident processes.

The company has continually invested in innovation in claims management, with digital platforms that make life easier for customers, whether individuals or companies. This innovation can be seen, for example, in the reporting of home claims, with online filing, and the digital car friendly declaration in the app. This functionality allows, with great simplicity, after a car accident, the resolution of a highly stressful situation in a quick and calm manner.

Recognized innovation

In April 2020, Tranquilidade gathered 4200 people in a digital event, which was distinguished "Best External Digital Event" by APCE.


The first Tranquilidade Commercial Web Meeting, held in April 2020, was the winner of the APCE 2020 Grand Prix - Covid-19 Special Edition in the category "Best External Digital Event". This award, promoted by the Portuguese Association of Corporate Communication (APCE), aims to distinguish the best communication initiatives in such special times.

Innovation and reinvention were the pillars of this event that Tranquilidade describes as pioneering and 100% digital, which was attended by over 4200 people.

For Tranquilidade, at a time of anxiety and major changes in the ways of working and contact between people, due to the confinement, it was crucial to be able to mount, in such a short time, an event with thousands of employees and partners, to ensure alignment and maintain the confidence and focus of the teams.

Tranquilidade underlines that the announcement of the award was received with great pride and is particularly relevant at a time when organisations have had to react and adapt to new realities.

Source: Marketeer Magazine no. 295, page 110-112