There are several wine social networks that allow consumers to manage their wine cellar and bottle racks.

In this article a study of four of the most popular wine social networks.

With regard to Portuguese wines most searched by cybernauts they are:

  • Port wine
  • Red Wine
  • Madeira Wine
  • White wine

The searches associated with port wine are higher than the sum of the other 3.

In order to try to understand the most valued wines in the wine cellar and wine cellar by good connoisseurs, it appears that the most searched terms on the web about wines are:

  • pinot noir
  • cabernet sauvignon
  • sauvignon cabernet
  • cabernet sauvignon
  • sauvignon blanc

Below is the comparison between the 4 wine social networks selected:

Adegga Bottlenotes Snooth Vinquire
Brief Description
Online wine tasting journal, where together with your friends you can make ratings and comments about wines and related experiences. Community that aims to promote wine education and friend making by sharing experiences, tips and knowledge. Place for wine lovers to interact and share their knowledge about wine and its accessories. In addition to the social component, Vinquire is a search engine with over 1 million wines with reviews and buying advice from American retailers.
Distinctive Features
- Accompaniment of the Wines of your Winery

- Price Guide

- Two newsletters with news per week

- Wine podcast with experts and celebrities

- Sending personalized recommendations based on previously defined preferences

- Shopping cart

- Tool to pair wines with food

- Inventory of wines from the cellar

- Personalized recommendations

- Account sharing with Faceebok and Twitter

- Wine reviews

- Sharing information with other networks

- Customize your search preferences

- Wine price research

No. of Employees
3* 25 32* ?
Foundation Date
2006 ? 2006 2005
Lisbon Portugal New York USA New York USA San Francisco USA
Text chat
Video Chat
Private Messages
Sending Photos
Sending Audio
News Feed
Creating Groups
Mobile Compatibility

* Source: Crunchbase


Demographic information on wine social networks*



<18: 12%
18-24: 9%
35-34: 25%
35-44: 17%
45-54: 20%
55-64: 12%
65+: 5%

Male: 47%
Female: 53%Education
No Higher Education: 36%
Higher Education: 49%
Post-Graduation: 15%
With children: 67%
No kids: 33%

* Sources: Alexa SiteInfo, Quantcast SiteInfo




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